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Age 65, I live with my husbnad, a 19 year old dog and a new kitten in Long Beach, Ca. During my working years I was a Social Worker and Author, even now I tend to continue doing that same line of work in retirement. I have grandsons, children, niece and nephew, great nephews and lots of friends from all over the world. World traveled, I read, write and advocate for Peace in the middle east in my lifetime. Strong minded I tend to be somewhat abrupt until you get to know me. I have no time for silliness in my life, nor do I allow others to drag me into theirs. I abhor gossip, will cross a street to avoid someone I know who gossips. I tend a large garden, walk daily near the beach, and for the last three years have been fighting a growth in my chest. I play the piano, love music, theater, good movies and truth based books. I cook like a professional chef and love to make up new recipes. The joy of my life is my family, I love them all very dearly and get to act like a grandmother whenever I can.